5 Ways to Get Your Beauty Routine Ready for Fall

It’s fall guys!

As the weather starts to cool off and all the fun fall fashions come out of your closets, there are some changes that will help move your beauty routine into fall and start the transition into winter.

Here are 5 small changes to your beauty routine for fall:

  1. Double check your foundation shade – around this time of year summer tans are starting to fade, so your foundation may be a bit too dark as we move into the fall and winter months.
  2. Choose deeper makeup colors – jewel tones and bold lips are on trend this season, so have some fun and swap out those neutrals for deep purple, wine, red, and even orange. Bold matte lip color is a great way to freshen up your makeup look for fall without breaking the bank.
  3. Keep that sunscreen on – while you may not be spending as much time outside in the coming months, sunscreen is still a must. Sun exposure through windows, florescent lighting, and even the short time it takes you to walk from the car to the grocery store can be enough to cause sun damage over time.
  4. Boost your moisturizer – as temperatures cool, skin can start to feel dryer. Try adding a boost of extra moisture to your skincare regimen to help fight the look of fine lines and wrinkles that can be caused by dry skin.
  5. Try some low lights – highlights are the way to go in the summer, and as we move into fall, talk to your hair stylist about adding some low lights to go with the cooler months and richer colors of your clothes and makeup.

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