How many different sizes of clothing do you have in your closet?   More than 1?  More than 3?  

More than you can count?

The most I’ve heard so far is 8.  EIGHT different sizes of clothing in ONE closet.

I have 3 different sizes of clothing in my closet.  Depending on the designer, I’m anywhere from a 10 to a 14.  That’s a HUGE range.  

size stress

Why do you have so many different sizes of clothing in your closet?

There are usually 2 reasons:

  1. You’ve gained or lost weight, and are holding on to those clothes in case you need them.  If you’ve gained weight, there’s usually this tiny voice in the back of your head that insists you’re going to lose the weight and get back in those clothes.  It would be SUCH a waste to get rid of them, right?  If you’ve lost weight, you’re hanging on to those bigger clothes because the tiny voice in the back of your head doesn’t believe you can keep the weight off.
  1.  Clothing sizes are WILDLY inconsistent across designers and manufacturers.  One designer’s size 8 may be perfect, while another designer’s size 8 is crazy big or small.  For example, White House Black Market’s sizes run about a full size big.  On average, I’m a size 10.  But at White House Black Market, I’m a 12 or a 14.  Then again, their pants stretch out a lot, so I sometimes get their pants in a size 8.  And let me tell you, I am SO not a size 8.

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The second reason comes from vanity sizing.

You know how the interwebs say that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12?  Well, size 12 in Marilyn’s day is not at all comparable to the modern size 12.  In today’s sizes, Marilyn Monroe would likely wear a size 8 top (because boobs) and a size 4 or 6 bottom.

Starting in the 80’s, the physical size of clothes started to go up.  So what was once a size 12 became a size 10 or even an 8.  Because we feel better about ourselves and the clothes (and are more likely to buy them if they are a lower size number).

We’ve come to attach SO much of our value to numbers: clothing sizes, weight, body measurements, body fat percentages… you get the idea, right?

Here’s my point:

Sizes are just numbers.  They are almost completely arbitrary.  

Your “usual” size is your STARTING point.  

You are not a BETTER person if you fit into a smaller size.

You are not a FAILURE if you have to go up a size (or two) in certain stores.  

If you’re not sure what size to try in a particular store, start with a size bigger than you think you need.  Because there’s still something so amazing about the feeling of trying something on and it being too big.  Way better than trying something on and BAM suddenly there’s a muffin top you never had before.

Sizes really are just numbers.  Wear (and buy) what FITS.

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