Lent is coming to an end, and that means… Easter!

As far as church holidays go, I’ll admit that Easter is my favorite.  Even more than Christmas, there’s this sense of bright expectation and joy.  And unlike Christmas, there’s lovely, warm weather!

Most of the time, Easter outfits are all soft, flowy, and pastel-ey (that’s a word, because I said so).  And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pastels, some of us look like (ahem) crap in them.  Including me.

So here are 5 unexpected, un-pastel-ey Easter outfits.

easter outfits
Who says you’ve gotta wear a dress for Easter?  Um, not me! I’m all for practicality, especially when chasing kids through Easter egg hunts.  So here’s an option with a bright pop of pink and a floral bag to get you into the spirit of spring and Easter (without running the risk of flashing everyone when you bend over to help find Easter eggs).


Jessica's Jeggings


For more of a classic style, I love this pairing of a structured denim top and elegant tan pants.  The pops of pink in the bag and necklace (you can tell I’m a huge fan of pink, right) add the brightness and fun of spring to a look that could seem kinda corporate (but still totally cute). And the shoes? To die for.


Bookstore Chic


Oh, look!  More pink!  This look was inspired by a Tory Burch jacket, which just had this super fun, nautical feel about it.  This look is especially good for a casual party, or for an Easter egg hunt where you really want to be dressed to impress.  It’s fun, flirty, and still practical.  While boots are terribly spring-like, the chunky heel will help you look chic without a heel sinking into the mud. 
Natali's Tory Burch Steal


Who says Easter looks have to be sweet and innocent?  Not me!  This look still has the bright pops of color, but the bright yellow is really unexpected.  It has an almost gamine, Audrey Hepburn feel to it.  Energetic, fun, and joyful!  Plus the gingham shorts remind me of picnics.  You can’t get much more spring-like than picnics!

Anne's Daisy Weekend Look

Just a little pink this time (lol) but the stars of this outfit are the top, bag, and shoes.  The simplicity of the top and pants lets the accessories shine.  I love this look for an Easter service.  You’ll stand out from the crowd, and still be totally church appropriate.  Cause no one want’s fashion drama at church, right?

Romantic, flirty summer fun


Which of these non-pastel-ey Easter outfits are you going to try this year?  Head on over to my Facebook group and let me know!